Emerson Photography passes the Qwest Test!

02nd March 2012
Just a quick nugget, but well worthy of a mention; I'm delighted to announce that Emerson Photography has applied for, and passed the Qwest assessment.

Qwest is a newish company, dedicated to upholding standards in the wedding industry. If you're a professional in almost any other field, there are recognised bodies to join but pretty much anyone can pick up a camera, build a website and say, "Hey! I'm a wedding photographer!". Qwest are working incredibly hard to address this issue and members are individually assessed in areas such as professionalism and customer care. The fact that less than half of those who apply are awarded membership speaks volumes!

I met with Louise from Qwest this week and was awarded a rather lovely framed certificate for use at wedding fairs.

And this from Qwest's website;

"Qwest is the UK's only independent quality assessor operating across all sectors of the wedding industry, dedicated to identifying Quality Wedding Establishments. Qwest professionals are assessed annually to monitor and maintain consistent high standards, whilst always striving for perfection through improvement and development.

Wedding specialists apply to be assessed in 16 categories covering all round business practice and ethics. Only those that meet the Qwest Standard and agree to abide by the Qwest Code of Conduct will achieve Quality Wedding Establishment Status".