Review of 2012 in documentary wedding photography, north east

04th January 2013
It's been a fabulous year both for me personally, and for Emerson Photography. I won't lie - there have been some tough times too, but in the north east, we really ARE all in it together it seems!

2012 saw the birth of Finlay, our baby boy. He takes up all of the remains of our free time, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Investment in a business is absolutely key, even when times are tough, so this year I managed to attend Jeff Ascough's Documentary Wedding Photography course down in Manchester. Held over two full days, it was a fascinating insight into all aspects of a truly top end practitioner (Jeff is a bit of a legend amongst reportage and documentary wedding photographers!).

And finally, I felt the time had come to go full frame, so spent several mortgage payments on new cameras and lenses. The newest generation of professional Nikon cameras allow us to work in ways previously unheard of. I can now shoot in incredibly dim light and still pick up every detail, every nuance of light and shade.

I've always been a firm believer in using the best kit you can afford. Expensive gear will never make you into a brilliant photographer, but it does ensure that my eight years of working experience is given every chance of getting there!

Anyway, enough yakking, here's the slideshow. Best watched full frame and please press the HD button at the bottom right of the video or it'll look awful :-)

A year in documentary photography. from Jamie Emerson, Photographer. on Vimeo.